Top 10 Warehouse Safety Checklists

Warehouse inspection checklists are an essential safety management tool. Because warehouse workers increasingly face problems like increased exposure to repetitive motions and high-stress environments, checklists are particularly useful in preventing bodily strain-related injuries.

Safety inspections can also improve the feedback loop between worker health and company safety policies. Discover problem areas or hazard trends by evaluating all checklist reports over a given timeframe.

10 Popular Warehouse Checklists Based on OSHA Standards

Safesite has an extensive checklist template library. Our warehouse inspection checklists are available on iOS, Android, Desktop Browser, Excel (Template), Word (Template), and PDF.

Warehouse General Materials Safety and Handling Checklist

This warehouse safety inspection template for general safety and materials handling can be used by safety and team managers. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

General Forklift Safety Checklist

OSHA statistics indicate that an average of 100 employees are killed each year in forklift accidents, and as many as 95,000 total forklift accidents occur annually. In many cases these accidents are avoidable. This inspection helps you protect operators and pedestrians working on and around forklifts. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

General Forklift Safety – in Spanish

Seguridad para montacargas: Esta inspección ayuda a garantizar el cumplimiento correcto de la seguridad para que los operadores y peatones estén protegidos.

Three ways to run this inspection:

Forklift Operator Safety

Use this checklist to identify gaps in forklift operator training. Improve your forklift safety by training, re-training, and periodically quizzing your drivers. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

Warehouse Racking and Storage Checklist

Warehouses conditions can expose workers to numerous hazards including bodily strain and falling objects. Ensure your workplace is compliant with OSHA regulations and your workforce is kept as safe as possible by reviewing your racking and storage practices regularly. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

Warehouse Racking and Storage – Spanish

Asegúrese de que su lugar de trabajo cumpla con las normas OSHA y que su fuerza laboral se mantenga lo más segura posible.

Three ways to run this inspection:

Loading Dock Safety Checklist

On loading docks, workers must not only be careful about what they are doing, but they must also be aware of others working around them, particularly of co-workers using various forms of material-handling equipment. This inspection should be completed regularly by dock supervisors or safety managers to ensure OSHA compliance and risk reduction.

Three ways to run this inspection:

Electrical Safety Checklist

OSHA’s electrical standards are designed to protect employees in all industries and prevent injuries resulting from dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. Conduct this inspection regularly to mitigate hazards and track program health. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

Warehouse Hazard Communication Checklist

Workers must be made aware of the potential hazards present in their work environment in order to avoid them. Improve hazard communication with appropriate signs and labels, datasheets, worker training, and materials storage and track your progress with this checklist. 

Three ways to run this inspection:

Back and Lifting Safety

Preventing back injuries is a major warehouse safety challenge. More than one million workers suffer back injuries each year, and back injuries account for one of every five workplace injuries or illnesses. Use this OSHA inspection to ensure your workforce is using the correct lifting and moving techniques to protect their backs.

Three ways to run this inspection:

Walking and Working Surfaces Checklists

Conduct regular inspections of all walking-working surfaces to discover and fix any hazards that are found will help prevent slip, trip and fall incidents. This inspection template will help floor managers, safety inspectors maintain a compliant and safe workplace.

Three ways to run this inspection:

More Warehouse Safety Resources

Access the full OSHA checklist library on the Safesite app. With Safesite, you can conduct mobile inspections for free. In addition to conducting paper-free inspections, you can create reports that trend recurring issues. 

You can also plan and run safety meetings with Safesite. Explore the Practical Warehouse Safety Guide or log in to Safesite to access our complete library of safety meetings.

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