Four Forklift Safety Topics Based on OSHA Rules

From inspections to training, forklift compliance obligations never end. Regular toolbox talks and intermittent safety stand-downs are an easy way to remind workers of their responsibilities, communicate new information, and reinforce procedures to prevent lapses.

Safesite is a free safety management app that allows you to:

  • Run safety meetings digitally
  • Track attendance
  • Access a library of forklift meetings
  • Upload custom meetings and inspections
  • Refer to training matrices

All our meetings come from regulatory and voluntary standards with approval from industry safety professionals.

Grab your next forklift safety meeting below!

Forklift Operator Safety


In 2017, forklifts contributed to 9,050 nonfatal injuries and illnesses resulting in days away from work. While it’s up to everyone on-site to know how to navigate forklift safety, it’s particularly vital for forklift operators.

Safesite’s Forklift Operator Safety talk covers:

  • Pedestrian safety
  • Forklift safety signs
  • Operator safety

Run this meeting on a regular basis with everyone certified to operate a forklift, whether they

  • Conduct and log this meeting on the Safesite app (iOS, Android)
  • Customize the Forklift Operator Safety meeting with Google Slides

General Forklift Safety


Everyone working in the vicinity of forklifts should know what to expect when the machine is active; after all, 26% of all forklift accidents happen to pedestrians. Run the general forklift safety meeting for the whole team to reiterate the importance of:

  • Pedestrian safety rules
  • Forklift safety signs
  • Operator safety

Run this meeting on a regular basis, after a near miss, and when introducing new employees to working with and around forklifts and powered trucks.

  • Conduct and log this meeting on the Safesite app (iOS, Android)
  • Customize the Forklift Safety meeting with Google Slides

Warehouse Working and Handling Safety


Warehouses are full of hazards, especially when forklifts and powered trucks are active. Run this meeting to cover:

  • Picking & lifting safety
  • Working around powered trucks
  • Aisle and traffic safety
  • Ergonomics

Run this meeting for new hires and intermittently for a refresher on picking, handling hazards, and warehouse traffic.

  • Conduct and log this meeting on the Safesite app (iOS, Android)
  • Customize the Warehouse Working meeting with Google Slides

Forklift Inspections


OSHA requires regular forklift inspections, including as often as once a shift. Make sure everyone understands their inspection obligations. Then, resolve any questions by running through forklift inspections in a toolbox talk.

Safesite’s forklift inspections include:

Open the inspection on your mobile device or safety management dashboard (desktop), load the inspection, and run through each question with the team so they can complete every inspection accurately.

Don’t see your most-used inspections above? You can upload a custom inspection and run it on the Safesite app.

Get More Forklift Safety Resources

Running these forklift meetings on a regular will strengthen your forklift safety program. For even more results, combine them with our forklift inspection templates and a stellar forklift certification management process.

Remember, Safesite users have access to these resources and more all in one place through the Safesite app. Are you ready to eliminate forklift paperwork and streamline your training, inspection, and management process? Reach out and schedule a demo to see how the average safety manager saves eight hours a week with Safesite.

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