Prepare for uncertainties in weather and yields, and account for the variables of machinery and external factors to reduce threats to the safety of employees.

Agriculture Solutions


Capture and record critical incident information on the spot with images, witness statements, injury and treatment details, and more.

Construction Main


Repetitive motions, high production demands, and other factors raise risks and call for vigilance in manufacturing environments.

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Safesite has made my job so much easier and has allowed me to focus more deeply on other aspects of my job, like program and policy development.
— Rachael Ard
Saved a week on paperwork thanks to Safesite
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With Safesite’s risk priority algorithm and root cause tracking, I get to the root of the problem and find proactive solutions.
— Derek Smith JR CRUZ
reduction in LTRIR
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Safesite allows review of metrics from last week or six months ago, so teams can analyze findings, perform a trend analysis, and focus on key issues.
— Nicholas L. Safety Director, Tofeldent Construction
In one day, Safesite uploaded my jobsite inspection and monthly equipment inspection forms to keep track of ALL my safety forms.
— Tyler Jones Director of Safety, Westmaas Electric Company
Inspection times cut