There’s a smarter way to manage safety and compliance.

From the field

Streamlined safety tasks

To project office

Safety management & analytics

Streamline safety tasks on-the-go

Log hazards on the spot. Set and track a resolution timeframe. Notify and automatically follow up responsible parties.

Cut inspection and checklist time in half

Ditch the paper and conduct your existing inspections and checklists on the spot with higher accuracy and in a fraction of the time

Log observations simply on the spot

It’s never been easier to make on the spot safety observations out in the field. Record both safe and at risk observations.

Export PDF reports with one button

Export powerful reports and filtered summaries on the spot with the press of a button. It’s never been easier to filter a list, click one button and export the data to one or multiple parties.

Harness the power of live safety data

Reach new levels of project safety. Safesite Safety HQ combines the power of a real time project safety feed with our proprietary safety scoring algorithms. Track your project health over time. Indentify and improve low scoring areas to increase overall levels of project safety.

Conduct powerful analysis. Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions by conducting powerful up-to-the minute analysis with data collected live from the field. Compare and analyze all aspects of project safety from risk types, contractors performance and more..

Generate and export reports with ease

Flexible and comprehensive report generation with one click export to PDF or CSV format. Get specific and choose from a range of report filters including contractor, date range, status and risk level to mention a few.

Manage your team and contractors with ease

Complete team and contractor management for your project. Manage contractor skills and certifications and track their expiry. Record critical health information for everyone on your project.

Effortless compliance with automated safety summaries and reports

Stay on top of your reporting and compliance requirements. Project safety activity is automatically summarised and emailed to safety stakeholders periodically on a daily and weekly basis. Easy and comprehensive.

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