4 Essential LOTO Safety Meeting Templates

Meetings and toolbox talks are a simple way to keep LOTO safety at the forefront of workers’ minds. From periodic training to pre-shift safety moments, use these templates to reinforce your procedures for controlling hazardous energy. 

About Our Safety Meetings

Safesite is a free safety management system that allows you to run safety meetings digitally. Access talking points and mark attendance on your iOS or Android mobile or tablet device. 

We source our meetings from regulatory standards, voluntary standards, and the input of professionals in the industry. 

Here are four key LOTO meetings based on OSHA standards that you can customize to your needs.

General LOTO Safety Meeting 

All employees should be aware of the dangers of hazardous energy. Conducting periodic reviews of your LOTO policy and safety plan gets all workers on the same page. 

Run this meeting at any time. Customize it according to your equipment/machinery and authorized/affected employee system.  

Download options:

LOTO Safety Toolbox Talk for All Employees

Remind your employees why proper hazardous energy procedures are critical to health and safety. Be prepared to lead a group discussion around your company policy/procedure and example stories of incidents/near misses.

osha loto training

Lockout/Tagout Toolbox Talk for Affected Employees

When it comes to equipment suddenly starting up, affected employees may be more at risk for injury than authorized employees. According to OSHA, about sixty-three percent of workers injured by the release of energy each year are production workers. 

Train your affected employees in lockout/tagout safety:

LOTO Procedures and Safety for Authorized Employees

Authorized employees must be equipped with the right tools (a lock or tag and key for each man) and the right training to ensure everyone remains safe on the floor, in the silo, and wherever workers are in the danger zone during equipment maintenance. 

Your LOTO training program must include initial and periodic/new hazard training that results in an understanding and demonstration of safe work procedures. 

Hold this toolbox talk as a refresher for your trained, authorized employees: 

More LOTO Resources

Access the complete meeting library in Safesite. In addition to being an app for logging safety meetings, Safesite is built for total safety management, including incident reporting, inspections, leading indicators tracking, and more. Get it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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