Robert McKinney

Author: Robert McKinney

Rob is on a mission to improve the adoption of technology in construction. His construction career includes a decade of safety, quality, and mobile device program management for general contractors. Since then, Rob has provided construction tech thought leadership as the ConAppGuru (, a Technology Consultant and Podcast Cohost for JBKnowledge, and as a founding member of the ConTechCrew Podcast. Rob serves as a contributing writer for the Safesite blog.

To Call 811 or Not? Commonly Asked Questions

There is more than one football field’s length of buried utility lines for each individual in the United States — including children. Much of this critical infrastructure is buried less...

10 Tips for Temporary Project Site Shutdowns (with Checklist)

The construction industry is facing very uncertain times over the next several weeks and months. As we have seen in cities like Boston, there is a chance that project sites...

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Exciting Advancements in Fall Prevention Technology

Falls continue to be one of OSHA’s Top 4 Violations year after year. While addressing falls from a behavioral standpoint is effective for prevention, there is also ample opportunity for...