Ladder Safety Toolbox Talks to Prevent Falls

Holding a ladder safety talk doesn’t have to be a chore.

Even if your team feels like they know everything about using ladders, you can still impact behavior. Reduce the likelihood your team will take thoughtless or risky shortcuts with these short job site meetings. 

Safesite toolbox talk templates include best practices based on US OSHA standards. Use these meetings to get your workers involved in activities and discussion, so that even the most experienced worker is engaged in demonstrating safe practices.

Construction Ladder Talk

Construction Ladder Safety Toolbox Talk

When you’ve used ladders for years, it’s easy to drop your guard. But a fall from as few as six feet above the ground can lead to death. Use this toolbox talk to review ladder safety essentials with your crew, including ladder selection, inspection, and safe usage. 

Ladder Setup Talk

How to Choose and Setup Ladders Safely 

Many ladder accidents have one root cause: failure to set up the ladder correctly. Walk through the process of choosing the right ladder for the task and location and ensuring it’s stable enough to use safely. 

Ladder Inspection Meeting

How to Inspect Your Ladder

One of the fastest ways your team can stay safe working at heights is to inspect ladders prior to use. Review the correct way to run a ladder inspection and what your personnel should do if they find damage. 

Job Made Ladder 1

Job Made Ladder Toolbox Talk 

Job made ladders are a practical and cost-effective way to access upper levels on the job site. These handmade wooden ladders also come with safety hazards: falls, abrasions, electrocution, and other potential injuries may occur if the ladder is not built the right way.

Review and practice the right way to build a wooden ladder on the job in this toolbox talk.  

Construction Ladder Safety

OSHA Ladder Safety Meeting

In this expanded version of the construction ladder safety toolbox talk, you can review OSHA construction standards for ladder safety with your team in an indoor setting. 

More Ladder Safety Resources

To keep improving your ladder safety record, pair regular safety meetings with ladder safe usage and equipment inspections

You can record all activities related to ladder safety and fall prevention on Safesite. From raising a hazard related to a faulty ladder to reporting a near miss, Safesite allows you to skip time-consuming paper forms. 

Ladder safety is just one small slice of your overall program. See more safety meeting and toolbox talk templates to get new topics to discuss with your team. 

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