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Jamie DeVan, Regional Safety Director at Southland Industries


Run a streamlined digital safety program on 30 projects across the U.S.A.


A 99.4% reduction in TRIR. DeVan’s division’s TRIR fell from 11.5 in 2016 to 0.07 in 2020.

Before Safesite

Before turning to Safesite, the Southland Industries team chose Safety Culture by iAuditor to run job site inspections.

“Safety Culture helped with inspections,” DeVan said. “But the projects were not connected and there were no analytics. Plus, each inspection was individually emailed and then you had to file them.”

The administrative burden created by the disconnected projects took a toll when trying to run a safety program spanning 30 projects and 500 employees.

With Safety Culture by iAuditor, the Southland team didn’t have a total solution for managing and monitoring their safety program that also allowed them to save time and money.

With Safesite

Four years ago, Jamie and the Southland Industries team turned to Safesite to run a streamlined digital safety program.

DeVan chose Safesite for its ease of use for field users as well as the organization and analytics it brought to their safety documentation. With Safesite, DeVan’s safety program was not only fully connected, but he can see the health of his safety program at a glance using the Safesite Score, a letter score that uses the power of leading indicators and Machine Learning.

The biggest safety improvements Southland Industries made includes:

  • More thorough inspection and audit records
  • The ability to spend more time in the field than in front of the computer
  • Leading indicator analytics that identified trends both on projects and across the division

Moving forward, the team at Southland Industries can feel confident in the strength of their safety management program powered by Safesite.