Improve Behavior with Safesite

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is a system for tackling tough habits and improving your overall safety program. Personnel at all levels must be involved in BBS.

Safety management software, like Safesite, allows you to sync your program across your entire organization.

an app with observations for a behavior based safety program

How to Implement Behavior Based Safety

Improving employee behavior is an ongoing effort that involves training, culture, and communication. Behavior Based Safety can improve employee behavior by providing feedback in real-time, instead of in the meeting room.

bbs implementation and incentives

BBS also involves many employees in safety efforts, which can give your safety culture a boost when done correctly. Companies or their consultants typically take the following approach: 

  1. Designate a BBS team, which will include field as well as management personnel.
  2. Examine safety challenges and outline a list of desired behaviors.
  3. Develop custom inspection checklists and collect data to trend over time.
  4. Observe and reward safe behaviors. 
  5. Analyze behavioral changes and improve the system.

Using Software to Manage BBS

Modern safety management software is essential for tracking BBS activities. With Safesite, you can:

  • Pursue goal behaviors
  • Document observations
  • Track positive feedback and reward-related activities
  • Trend behavioral data for each project or for the organization as a whole

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Free BBS Tools

Safety management software is essential for running BBS. Your SMS is a centralized location for your checklists, observations, and trends.

Robust Reporting

Track how well your BBS program is working

Safety Observations

Anyone can create a positive or negative observation

Team Training & Support

Get the most out of powerful safety management systems with live support

Incident Reporting

Document incidents, send alerts, and followup on your investigation

Safety Actions

Manage projects individually or collectively and get more done

Alerts & Notifications

Respond to hazards and training needs faster

Promote Safe Behavior

If you believe your company’s number one safety challenge is employee behavior, examine your historical hazard, incident, and observational data to ensure there aren’t controls you’re neglecting. If you don’t yet have this data, use Safesite to gain insight into your program. 

If you focus on employee behavior without first removing or reducing key hazards, you may be setting your program up to fail. Implement BBS when your employees will benefit from positive reinforcement and peer-to-peer feedback. 

Streamline Your Safety Processes

Safety management apps are the #1 tool for tracking behaviors in the workplace. With Safesite, you can start a BBS program and transform safety.