Unconventional tips for building a better Safety Culture in Construction

Every company should be working to improve safety on the jobsite.  However just providing more training and proper personal protective equipment is not enough.  So how do you approach improving culture in some non conventional ways? Improving safety culture is all about getting workers to think on their own, identify risks and make good decisions.  Training is the first step … Read More

Preventing Falls on Construction Jobsites

Every year falls top the list of injuries that occur on the construction jobsite.  They are the leading cause of death to construction workers every year. These deaths are preventable though.  OSHA has been partnering with organizations to help raise awareness of construction falls and how they can be prevented.  Now you can help do your part protecting workers and … Read More

Improving Construction Worker Well Being

Construction is a traditionally a rough and tumble work environment so any discussion about feelings and well being might seem a bit out of place.  Construction is often perceived as an industry full of tough individuals who should have no problem dealing with health or mental problems. The truth is that we need to focus more on the well being … Read More

Avoiding Worker Fatigue in Construction

If you are like most of us when 3:00pm comes around you are reaching for a cup of coffee or some sort of caffeine to provide you with a pick up.  Maybe you’re lucky enough that just a good bit of sunshine and fresh air will do the trick and perk you right up. Never the less we all suffer … Read More

Tips for improving your safety culture for Construction

Every year companies make commitments to improving safety on the jobsite but many times they lack a plan for actually doing so.  Improving safety can happen in a lot of different ways but one of the most effective is improving the overall safety culture of the company.  Now changing a culture is not easy, it is actually quite the opposite … Read More

How are wearables helping to provide a safer construction jobsite

As the amount of technology available to consumers continues to rise we are seeing that some of that technology is beginning to affect our jobsites.  It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of people wearing personal trackers was a foreign concept but thanks to companies like Fitbit and Apple wearing a device that tracks your every move is pretty … Read More

Start 2018 off right with a Stretch and Flex Program

The end of the year is coming and usually it is the time where folks begin to think about getting fit in the new year.  This is a great opportunity to take advantage of that enthusiasm with your employees and consider implementing a Stretch and Flex Program.  If you read our previous post about the Importance of Wellness Programs in … Read More

The importance of Wellness Programs in Construction

Successful contractors and subcontractors know that the their loyal, dedication and extremely hardworking employees are their number one asset.  No matter how much state of the art equipment, technology or even the most efficient processes can not beat out a crew that is healthy both mentally and physically.  So how does a company maintain loyalty and longevity in their workers? … Read More

Builders Risk Insurance for the Construction Industry

Builder’s risk insurance is a special type of property insurance which indemnifies against damage to buildings while they are under construction.  Buildings are subject to many different risks while under construction.  Fire, hurricanes, tornados and floods are all risks that could potentially affect your construction project.  A principle of common law is that new construction or improvements to land becomes the property of … Read More

How OSHA Standards affect your jobsite

What are OSHA safety standards? At their highest level, OSHA standards are requirements for employers that strive to provide a safe workplace for workers.  These standards also encourage workers to be active in the formation of these policies.  Each industry has their own specific OSHA safety regulations that employers are required to comply with. The OSHA standards for Construction and General … Read More