Why are Site Safety Orientations so Important in Construction?

When workers arrive to your project sites for the first time, what is the first thing they do?  Hopefully the answer is report to the site office for a safety orientation.  These orientations can be critical to maintaining a safe jobsite.  Most workers are familiar with the general safety rules of a construction site but your project is unique and has a different set of challenges that others may not.  The safety orientation provides an opportunity for workers to become with critical informations such as key contacts, muster areas for emergencies, local EMS services and hospitals as well as any unique safety concerns they may come across on your project.  The safety orientation is your opportunity to set the tone for safety on the project.

Building a culture of safety on the jobsite

As this meeting orientation is the first time you will meet many of these workers it is an opportunity to make a great first impression and stress the importance of a safe jobsite.  By spending a few minutes, a good orientation can be done in 15-20 minutes, showing how important safety is to you and your company, you can really help build up a great culture.  If you just have them come in and read a paper and sign off on some rules, does that really make the same impact?  Probably not.  We know that not everyone is an OSHA 500 instructor and will know all the answers to every regulation but this is not the time for that.  This is the time to make a personal commitment and a company commitment to keeping every worker safe on the jobsite.

Capturing key safety data during orientation

One of the other advantages of having workers report for orientation is to collect key personal information in case of an incident on the jobsite.  This is a prime opportunity to collect information such as contact info, emergency contact info, supervisor information, certifications and much more.  Having this information in case of an incident or accident is critical to cutting down on response time.  In the case of an accident getting in contact with emergency contacts to let them know what has happened, and how the worker is doing is critical.  In addition understanding what certifications a worker has is important to identifying what equipment they should be working with.  Now having this information available while on the jobsite is even more important so storing it digitally can make a world of difference when precious seconds are at risk.  All of this information is important to have in case of an accident.  Being prepared could make a huge difference in the outcome.


While tracking and recording orientations, and contact information may seem like a daunting task, SafeSite is here to help.  Providing one of the fasting growing safety solutions allowing you to manage this entire process digitally.  Reach out to one of our team members if you have questions on how SafeSite could work on your jobsite.

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