Enabling a Technology Focused Construction Jobsite

Most contractors would agree that the success of a construction project can largely determined by four factors: safety, cost, quality and time. However,  there is not a “one size fits all” approach for project success in the Construction industry. The same can be said for technology, in that each company’s journey is unique.  There are a few key areas where technology can make a difference in achieving success in construction.

Replace the Paper Trail, with a Digital One

Many construction professionals lose time each day on jobsites going back and fourth from the field to office so they can update reports, print plans and distribute information to team members. This can be a waste of your most critical resources, field supervision! We say stop following the paper trail and instead adopt cloud computing. Cloud platforms allow users to access can “live” information from anywhere. If you check your email, account balance or the weather on your smartphone; the You are already using the cloud! Listed below are eight quick ways the cloud can save you time, money and headaches:

  • Faster response time to Safety Hazards, Training Requests, and Accident Notifications.
  • Rapid decision making as personnel can connect with each other from almost any location.
  • Take, mark up and send photos of jobsite activity.
  • Review project plans and specifications.
  • Confirm calculations or as-built conditions.
  • Instantly look up codes and regulations.
  • Quickly check contract details.
  • Check on and document weather conditions.

Reduce Risky Business on the Worksite

New technologies, like the RICOH Theta S camera, have become available to safeguard worksites and better manage risk. Taking project progress photos is one of the essential workflows on construction project sites. One example that comes to mind is the cover up stage in commercial construction where drywall is placed over metal std walls, thereby covering up the MEP systems that have been installed. The challenges involved in this workflow are how many photos of a given space are required to document fully what you are seeing, where will you store and share the photo files, and most importantly how can you search for and find these photo files later. The introduction of 360 spherical photos has made improved the progress workflow radically.

The RICHO Theta S camera is a very easy to use device that allows users to take two 180 degree photos at the same time of a project work space. The camera can also record in high resolution 1080 HD video! This 360 camera allows construction staff to better document a project site by taking less photos, capture more detail, and make it easier to share photo files.

Get Your Crew on the Same Page, Even with Different Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets allow employees access and share information with the tap of a finger. Seventy two percent of construction contractors use smart phones, while fifty percent use tablets. One contractor found that superintendents using a voice-to-text application could save at least Thirty minutes a day in preparing reports. There are a wide number of apps that can be useful for your team in the field; here are some of the most widely used:

  • Permit apps (for sending and receiving permits).
  • Resource tracking apps (tag assets and monitor their location).
  • Inventory apps (monitoring items that are depleted & restocked).
  • Fleet tracking apps (monitor vehicle routes & fuel).
  • Inspection apps (help speed up walk arounds).
  • Safety apps (notification system to alert foremen of problems).
  • Resource tracking apps (for documenting and submitting employee hours, progress quantities and other day-to-day activities and metrics).

The time is now for you to review your current technology and evaluate where you can leverage a new tech tool.  

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