OSHA Most Frequent Safety Violations in the Construction Industry

As we all know – there are inevitably things that we are going to miss onsite. Some of these might result in less serious situations developing, but often it may be a number of small oversights which add up to create a hazardous environment filled with greater potential harms. With this in mind – let’s have a look at some … Read More

The Safety Triangle Explained

The Safety Triangle Explained What is the Safety Triangle? The Safety Triangle has many other names – Bird’s Triangle, Heinrich’s Triangle or the Loss Control Triangle. The Safety Triangle refers to a ratio which has come to define many safety practices and policy developments to date – 1-10-30. Who invented the Safety Triangle? The safety triangle was devised by Frank … Read More

Most Common Sources of Construction Injuries

Most Common Sources of Construction Injuries The construction industry whilst only having approximately 5% of the nation’s workforce, actually experiences 17% to 20% of its fatalities. Statistics show that construction is the one of the most dangerous land-based work sectors, with several thousand reported injuries and deaths each year. This is not surprising at all as the nature of the … Read More