How OSHA Standards affect your jobsite

What are OSHA safety standards? At their highest level, OSHA standards are requirements for employers that strive to provide a safe workplace for workers.  These standards also encourage workers to be active in the formation of these policies.  Each industry has their own specific OSHA safety regulations that employers are required to comply with. The OSHA standards for Construction and General … Read More

The importance of OSHA Certification for jobsite safety

Why having employees OSHA certification is key to project safety? Almost everyone will agree that providing safety training to employees will help improve overall safety on the jobsite, but why should you spend the time and effort to get an OSHA certification. The goal of training should never be just to get a card that says you were there . … Read More

Ensuring Fire Safety and Protection on the Jobsite

During the construction or renovation of any project your project will likely be exposed to many different types of risk but one that is common on almost every jobsite is the risk of fire.  Ensuring that you have proper fire safety protocols in place is critical to not only prevent a builder’s risk claim or damage to the property but … Read More

Hosting Meaningful Safety Meeting Toolbox Talks

One of the best ways to improve the safety culture on your jobsite is to host weekly safety stand downs.  These are weekly meetings where the entire jobsite gathers to be briefed on important safety information about the jobsite.  One topic commonly included in this stand down is a toolbox talk.  A toolbox talk is an informal discussion about a … Read More

Filling out an Accident Report on a Jobsite for OSHA

We never want to have an accident on a jobsite but if we do, we need to be prepared to handle and document it correctly.  If an accident does occur on a jobsite, as soon as the area has been deemed to be safe and the worker has been given proper medical attention, it is time to start documenting the … Read More

Ensuring Fall Protection in Residential Construction

Falls, one of OSHA’s Big Four Falls are one of the top four causes of fatalities on construction sites.  Fall protection should be something that is top of mind amongst all of your employees while on any jobsite.  While the hazards are usually more obvious and extreme in commercial construction the threat is just as real in the residential construction … Read More

Why Compliance is Necessary for Silica Exposure and Tracking

Tracking Exposure for Employee Safety During any job that is heavy with concrete or stone grinding, drilling, crushing or cutting, documentation of that employee’s silica exposure is now mandatory by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This response is to help reduce the number of severe illnesses such as silicosis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and lung cancer that … Read More

Safety Tips to View Solar Eclipse on Construction Sites

On Monday August 21st many construction sites in the United States will witness the first total eclipse of the sun in nearly 38 years (since February 26, 1979 to be exact). The last coast to coast total eclipse was back on June 8, 1918! This amazing event will occur on Monday afternoon from the mountains of Georgia, through central plains, … Read More

Can Wearable Technology improve Safety Performance on Construction Project Sites?

Over the past several years the construction industry has witnessed the rapid development and adoption of new technology. Many companies have purchased smartphones and tablets that have improved productivity, communication and documentation. The use of new technology in construction has expanded past the focus of project management into the area of safety management. Safety Managers have been able to update … Read More

Excavation Safety Tips for 811 Day

Could your team use a few excavation safety tips for the upcoming 811 Day? Why is locating underground utilities so important on construction projects? Well, ask the citizens of the Outer Banks Islands in North Carolina to get a good answer! There are 20 million miles of underground utilities in the U.S., that is more than one football field’s length … Read More